Fridrich Method

Here you can find my directions to solve the cube using Fridrich method (CFOP (Cross F2l OLL PLL)). Also you can find other tutortials. There will be more of them in the future.

If you are new to Fridrich method I recommend you first read the intro to Fridrich method. Else the chance is great you think the following is alien talk or something in chinese. (no affence of course ;)... )

Intro to Fridrich Method


The first step to solving the cube using Fridrich method is making a cross, a +.


After the cross you solve the First 2 Layers. A big step.


Almost there... Make the whole last layer 1 color.


The last step. Put all cubies in there place.

Another way of doing the last 2 steps (OLL PLL). Is CLL(corners LL) ELL (edges LL). This means that you first fix all the corners of the last layer with 1 algorithm and then all edges of the last layer in 1 algorithm. Guus figured out this LL way out in 1982 already! It is approximatly as fast as OLL/PLL.


The 1st step of the LL method of Guus Razoux-Schultz.


The 2nd step of the LL method of Guus Razoux-Schultz.